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For a long time I thought of making some free downloadable old unused works.
I had the time to reorganize one of them, and the result is down here.


2009.06.25 - I have just replace the ZIP with a new update. I fixed a little IE bug.

About COMPLETE - Free Css Template.

Complete FREE CSS Template Pngised WhiteCOMPLETE is a valid Css/Xhtml template site provided with all the necessary institutional pages, including blog section and article page with comments.

The photo in home is from iStockPhoto.com, if you like it consider to buy it from there. Other images and photos are personal and you have no permissions for use.

Icons are from Joseph North sweetie collection.

Feel free to email me with comments. I'd like to know what kind of uses my works are serving.


Info & Downloads

  • Here you can find the DEMO of this template.
    N.B.There is a problem with iframe height in IE7, so you have to use another browser, sorry :-|
  • » DOWNLOAD v 1.0a [168 KB]

If you like this work, or if you use it for a project, please consider supporting me with a little donation


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